Our journey

Below you can see some important dates. If you are interested in investing, please contact us!

TTM has been founded on January 1st 2020. Main developments so far participation in incubation and acceleration programs (StartLife). Besides the valuable training of his team members, TTM has received several microloans and grants both in national and international level. The best example is a Eurostars project (GOUDA) where TTM participates in a consortium with one more start-up (Formo) and 3 universities from Netherlands and Germany working on the future creamy dairy alternatives.

Product development
Patent filing
Customer pilot projects
Lab to pilot
Pilot-plant trials
Pilot to market
Team development
Team development

Among all the plant based products, plant based cheeses are one of the smallest but fastest growing categories. It's more than OK to start small and we want to grow our ambitions and impact together with our cheese loving partners.