Our journey

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TTM is a spin-off from Wageningen University and was founded in 2020. Our team has participated in incubation, acceleration and scaling up programmes. We have received several grants, subsidies, loans and investments and have amassed funds above 1M EUR. The majority of the funds were used for the translation of our laboratory process to an efficient and unique industrial blueprint. While there was a lot of troubleshooting to perform from the lab scale to the pilot plant, it is safe to say that most of the inventions have occurred from the trials performed in an industrially relevant demo facility. Our Technology Readiness Level is approaching a value of 6 and we are planning to start producing sufficient amount to interact with several potential customers for a stronger market entry in 2023.

Product development
Patent filing
Customer pilot projects
Lab to pilot
Pilot-plant trials
Pilot to market
Team development
Team development

Among all the plant based products, plant based cheeses are one of the smallest but fastest growing categories. It's more than OK to start small and we want to grow our ambitions and impact together with our cheese loving partners.