Meet the team

ΤΤΜ is a spin-off of Wageningen University and is based in the city of Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Dimitris Karefyllakis


Co-founder & CEO

TTM’s founder, dr Dimitris Karefyllakis, has conducted his doctorate in Wageningen University during which, he realized that natural fat droplets from plants have similar properties to milk fat. Since the beginning of TTM, he received several trainings and participated in incubators and accelerators in order to boost his competences portfolio. Full of innovative ideas and enthusiasm about the new adventure, the travel through space and time with the Time Travelling Milkman.

Saskia Tersteeg


Lead Scientist

Saskia Tersteeg is disciplined and always capable to grow by continuous self-reflection. With her ingenuity and creativity she likes to be part of a team and solve problems. She enjoys the little things in life, but at the same time always tries to dream big. She joined our team since August 2020 as product developer after finishing her Master studies Food Technology at Wageningen University. The specialisation Sustainable Food Process Engineering in her Master helped her to gain more knowledge on improveing existing processes and designing new processign routes.

Costas Nikiforidis


Co-founder & scientific advisor

Associate Professor Costas Nikiforidis is leading several research projects in Wageningen University that are funded by public/private consortia. Costas is a world renown expert on lipid and protein science. His team has published several highly cited papers on the properties of Oleosomes and even organized the 1st International Conference on Oleosomes.

Gustav Waschatko


Chief Operating Officer

Gustav Waschatko was born in South Africa, but raised with "Sauerkraut and Tofu-Schnitzel" in Germany. During his academic journey, his group discovered the behaviour of soy oleosomes in foams and emulsions in the labs of MPIP (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research). Finishing his postdoc with Unilever in 2014 he followed the call of Cargill to join their R&D in Belgium as thought leading "oleosome guru". Trying to change the system from within (a B2B environment) filled his backpack with plenty of technical and commercial skills for production, application and selling of oleosomes. From June 2021 he is travelling light(speed) and into new dimensions with the time traveling milkman.

Sanne Melles


Business advisor

Sanne Melles enjoys acting on the interface of science and business and is excited about the prospect of biotech to drive the protein transition and sustainability in food at large. Most recently, as CEO of Royal CSK he has overseen building and ultimately the sale of this leading dairy ingredients company to Royal DSM in 2019. In addition, he is advising various start-ups developing next generation food ingredients, is liaised with an early stage impact investor (SHIFT), and chairman of the supervisory board at a health food ingredient (prebiotic fibers) company (Nutrileads).