What we do

Sustainable creaminess inside dairy alternatives

We use European seeds, water and our processing magic to produce ingredients that add an irresistible mouthfeel in dairy alternatives.

How do we make these products creamy?

Fat is the answer!

local seeds
our ingredients

The problem

Creaminess comes from fat, not protein

Alternative protein sources are abundant, but we have overlooked the importance of the fat element.

Creamy, healthy and sustainable fat ingredients have yet to be found.


That’s about to change!

Current solutions

Unsustainable & unhealthy

What are the options currently available?

palm and coconut oil

The fat ingredients that are currently used either do not give the required consistency, creating mushy unappealing structures or, like palm and coconut oil, are unhealthy and unsustainable as they come from the tropics.

amazon river
container ship

Our solution

Natural fat droplets that tick all the boxes

Nature generously hands over to us plant-based fats (Oleosomes) that are highly similar to milk fat.

The only thing we are doing is taking them out of seeds and then create sustainable, healthy and above all creamy fat ingredients.

No preservatives, no petrochemicals, just a green label!

Oleosome droplet
Milk fat droplet
Milk fat droplet

Request a sample

Tired of using coconut oil?

We supply our business partners with high quality ingredients that add creaminess to dairy alternatives.

You can try out our ingredients as replacements in your existings products or we can develop new products together!

Our ingredients come in the form of a powder and a liquid cream

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our cream


our cream
our cream
our cream
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